No Soul To Sell – A Few Shots From Dark Messiah’s Video Shoot

I had been following the Winnipeg metal band Dark Messiah for a while on social media, when their front man posted about getting ready to go on tour. They were looking for another band to join them, and to do some cross promotion with. That’s when I knew they were serious about playing music.


After I saw that post, I reached out to the band and offered to make them a music video. Pairing a music video with a tour is like pairing pierogies with bacon. It just works. I met with the band’s vocalist and lead guitarist for a late-winter beer, hoping to get started right away. But, alas, they wanted to wait until the springtime to shoot, as their tour isn’t until August. Made sense, I thought.


As usually is the case in life, the time passed, and last Wednesday we shot the performance sequence of the video at the Crescent Fort Rouge United Church. Because of how busy that church is, though, scheduling was a bit tough. We started our shoot at 8:30pm, and finished just before 3am. It was a bit of a strange situation, and not at all standard as per my experience, but we all left early Thursday morning feeling great about the shoot, and extremely thankful to the church for allowing us to shoot there.


This past Sunday, we wrapped shooting by filming the narrative arc.


Now I’ve got my work cut out for me in editing the video. I’ll be working on it for the next few days at least.


Big thanks to Rachel Carlson, who not only was my production assistant, but also took hundreds of amazing photos like these.

Photo credit: Rachel Carlson     @rcarlson137