The Influences

I’ve been attracted to lyrically charged music ever since I was a young kid. Don’t get me wrong; as much as guitar centric, and weird rhythmic patterns have a high place in my life (two bands that top the list currently are Uneven Structure and Gojira), I always go back to the artists who tend to write a bit more poetically. Artists like Chris Cornell.

I tend to be pretty much emotionally unfazed by reports of celebrity death. But I’d be lying if I said that Cornell’s suicide hasn’t been heavy on my mind since the news broke. I’ve basically been listening only to his music ever since, selfishly thinking how lucky I am to have seen his acoustic show last summer when he came with Fantastic Negrito (amazing musician and vocalist, by the way, check him out).


If his music was a window into how he lived his life, then Cornell likely carried the sadness of the entire world on his back, and used it to fuel his art. From which, he was able to create some of the most beautifully dark pieces in rock history.

One line from the song Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart, stands out for me among the many great lines from Cornell’s career: Every little word upon your lips, makes a little cut where blood pours out. Every little drop of blood a kiss that I won’t miss, not for anything.

This line is on my mind as I consider where to take episode two of my series The Dark Verses. Check out episode one here.

Influence is something that maybe not many of us like to admit we succumb to, but I believe we all do. Whether it’s a poetic songwriter like Chris Cornell who influences us to listen a little more actively and let our minds wander with his voice, or it’s the millions of voices constantly fighting to have their opinions heard on social media, we’re all affected by other people.

This, I believe, will be the theme in my second episode.

Stay tuned for that.