Corporate videos

Winnipeg Stonetops needed video content for their showroom to help their customers understand their process, and we were happy to help these fine folks.


Peter Koroma is running for city councillor in Winnipeg’s 2018 election. He came to us right away looking for video work to help him get noticed, and we produced a package that will help him do just that, including this great story about the summer school program he started to help newcomer children.


Sean Perrun Videography helped out 4/4 Films for this video. We shot the event during Festival du Voyageur over three days, and then cut together this montage.


Here’s a great promotional video for some amazing clients at TENTEN Kitchens & Contracting.


The Inter-Council Network held their three-day Public Engagement Catalyst Forum here in Winnipeg, and hired Sean Perrun Videography to film the event.


This was a co-production between Sean Perrun Videography and Orange House Media for the US consulate here in Winnipeg. They wanted to highlight their cultural exchange program that brought family band L’Angelus to Winnipeg all the way from Lafayette, Louisiana to perform their brand of Cajun folk music at the Festival du Voyageur.


Sean Perrun Videography shot this fun event for 4/4 Films and Manitoba Music.


Sean Perrun Videography produced this season promo for the Winnipeg Rifles football club.


This is just one example of the customer testimonial videos Sean Perrun Videography has produced for TENTEN Kitchens & Contracting.