These awesome people are member of the local folk-punk band The Gerry Hatricks, and I was lucky enough to be able to document their generous Christmas time donation of sandwiches to The Main Street Project. Check out this amazing story that made several several media outlets

Fair warning, there’s some graphic content here. For this piece, we explored what it might look like if Mother Nature and all of humankind were personified into two separate characters. Rachel Carlson’s haunting words still give me chills, even a year after finishing this project. Sarah Bertnick’s original music adds to the feeling so perfectly that we almost don’t need the visuals. And I couldn’t have asked for two more well-suited people to play these two roles.


What does it mean to have an identity? Are we the same people in our private lives as we are in public? Do we change who we are to suit the situation, whether consciously or sub-consciously? This cinematic poetry short film was a collaboration between Sean Perrun Videography, Cat Lemay, and the poetry of Alex Passey. Teamwork is essential to storytelling, and we wanted to tell the story of a young woman who was struggling to find her identity among a high-pressure world. Big thanks to the many people that helped us pull this off.


This short film took home top prize at the Winnipeg Anti-Racism Arts Festival 2018, organized by the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation. The contest was a 48-hour film challenge, in which we had to incorporate a historical quote into our story. We managed to get the film in with 15 minutes to spare. The narrative was led by Tenesha Lawson, and the star is Cory Campbell. Please enjoy Writer’s Block.


This cinematic poetry short film is a collaboration between Sean Perrun Videography, Rachel Carlson, and Sarah Bertnick. Starring Cat Lemay as both characters in the film. This film is about a young woman who is tormented by the physical manifestation of her own anxiety.

Screened at Forth, during the Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts screening.


Chalky Highway Road Lines is the first installment of a cinematic poetry series created by Sean Perrun Videography. Starring Cory Campbell, this short film takes a hard look at addiction from the perspective of someone who’s caught in its grip.


The K9 Advocates Manitoba do amazing work. Here’s a short documentary showing just one of their programs designed to help people care for their dogs in northern communities.


This was a student produced short documentary. It was produced during my time in Creative Communications with three other students, and can still be found on MTS Stories From Home.