Music Videos

This is a good example of how lighting, sound, location, and cinematography can come together to help enhance the experience an artist is trying to convey to their audience. We had a blast on this project, not only shooting the video, but recording the audio as well. Big thanks to Crescent Fort Rough United Church for once again hosting Sean Perrun Videography for a music video shoot.


Tulsa Time is a Don Williams tribute band that wanted to take their act on the road. They contacted us to make them a video promo to match an audio reel they recorded. This is the outcome.


An acoustic version of Gerrit Delaquis’ tune Together We’ll Land, performed with Kelsey Halldorson, and guest appearance from a special fly.


Dark Messiah came to Sean Perrun Videography looking for a music video. We wrote them a narrative script, and planned out their performance for them. The performance what shot at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, and the narrative was shot at Lagimodiere-Gaboury Park in St. Boniface.


Rhianna Rae Saj needed some live audio for an audition. Here, she performs a cover of ‘Chills.’